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We provide expert assessment and consultancy services to anyone who would benefit from using assistive technology to enhance their learning or work

DSA Needs Assessments

Surrey Assessment Centre is an accredited needs assessment centre for students who are eligible for the Disabled Students Allowances funding to support them at university or college. We have a team of specialist needs assessors who work at the centre, offering a friendly and informative service to ensure that students get the tailored package of support they need to succeed in their studies.


The cost of the needs assessment is paid from your Disabled Students Allowances, so there is no charge to the student for this service. However, you must have your eligibility for the funding confirmed by your funding body before booking the assessment.

School Study Needs Assessments

Students who apply for support though the Disabled Students Allowance are often amazed by how much there is that can support their studies. This can then be quickly followed by dismay that they hadn’t known about this beforehand as the support would have been invaluable when they were studying at school or college, or in the workplace. We want to try and rectify this by offering a similar assessment service to anyone who may benefit from using assistive technology to enhance their learning or work.

Our schools study needs assessments evaluate the benefits of a wide range of different assistive technology strategies to suit your specific difficulties, requirements, technical proficiency and budgets. The assessment will identify solutions for whatever equipment you currently have access to, be it a computer, phone, tablet or Chromebook, and concentrate primarily on recommending free or low cost solutions rather than expensive software packages.


The cost of the assessment is £175, and takes place online using the Zoom video conferencing application so that we can offer flexible times to fit around study and work commitments. You will need access to a computer or phone for the assessment so that we can demonstrate the different software applications, but not need to install any software. Afterwards, we provide a report with full details of the recommendations, where to get the apps/software from and how they can support the student.

We can also provide specialist one-to-one study skills support sessions and technology training sessions for students who may additionally benefit from having some personal support alongside the technological strategies.

Diagnostic assessments for specific learning difficulties

Our specialist assessor can provide diagnostic assessments for individuals who wish to find out if they have a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. Assessments take place at our centre in Farnham and take around three hours to complete.


Following the assessment, the specialist assessor will explain the main findings of the assessment and then provide a comprehensive detailing these findings and confirming a diagnosis of any specific learning difficulty that was identified.


The cost of the diagnostic assessment is £400 and can be booked using the link below.


Students requiring a diagnosis in order to apply for the Disabled Students Allowances can book an evaluation of needs, which can be carried out remotely. This is an interim measure due to the current difficulties with carrying out face-to-face assessments.


The cost of the evaluation is £200 and can be booked using the link below.


AT Workshops

The funding available through the Disabled Students Allowance has been consistently found to increase the academic achievements of students studying in higher education who are in receipt of this support. Students do better academically and are at less risk of failing or leaving university for reasons related to difficulties with mental health, specific learning difficulties or chronic health conditions.


We think that’s a pretty important message to pass on to pupils in Years 12 and 13 so that they know what help they can get if they go on to study in higher education.


So, if you work with a school within the Farnham area and would like one of our team to come and talk to your pupils about this support, then please let us know – we’d love to come and spread the word!

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