Ordering your equipment

Your needs assessment report will contain several quotes from different companies for the equipment that is being recommended. These companies are specialist suppliers who have been authorised to supply equipment through the Disabled Students Allowances and, if your funding body is Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales, you will be specifically told which of these companies to order your equipment from. 

If you are funded by the Student Award Agency Scotland or the NHS you can purchase equipment from anywhere but have to provide evidence that you have used the funding to buy the specific equipment that has been approved.

Research Council funded support is administered through your University’s Disability Service, and so you will need to contact them directly to see what process they follow.

Generally, it makes sense to order from a specialist supplier – most allow you to place the order through their website (see links below) by simply uploading the confirmation letter from your funding body which approves your funding. The supplier will then contact you directly to arrange delivery.

If, however, you have funding approved toward the cost of a new computer, read ‘Purchasing a computer‘ to see the different options that apply. 

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