Access DSA support

Claiming travel allowances

If you have funding toward your travel costs, either a contribution to your journeys by car or funding for taxis, read on to find out how this works

Claiming general allowances

You may have been recommended funding toward some general costs such as printing costs. In these cases you keep receipts for whatever item you can claim back and send these to your funding body. They will then arrange for the cost to be reimburse

Arranging NMH support

If you have been recommended any non-medical helper support (such as specialist study skills support, specialist mentoring or assistive technology training), find out how to set this up

Purchasing a computer

If you have been recommended funding toward the cost of a new computer there are a few really important things to know about before placing your order

Ordering your equipment

Your needs assessment report will contain several quotes from different companies for the equipment that is being recommended. Find out how you order the equipment from them.

The Needs Assessment report

After your needs assessment, the assessor will write a report to recommend funding from the Disabled Students Allowances for the support that has been agreed.

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