How to apply

There are three steps to the process. If this sounds like it could be a bit of a hassle, it really isn’t and we can help as much as you need. Also, it’s worth mentioning that part of the reason why you need to go through the process is that you are in charge of your support rather than someone deciding what is best for you.

Step 1: Apply to your funding body (usually Student Finance England) for the funding. This involves completing an application form and sending it with evidence of your specific learning difficulty, mental health condition, health condition or physical impairment.

Step 2: Once your funding body has approved your application, you need to attend a needs assessment. This is where you get to find out about all of the different options available through the funding, see some of the software and equipment, and most importantly, you get to say what you need from the funding.

Step 3: The recommendations made following the needs assessment then get reviewed by your funding body before being approved. You will then be informed of their decision (and usually the recommendations will be.

You can apply at any point on your course, or from about February of the year that you have applied to start university in. How you apply depends of who is funding your course and there are also different forms to complete depending on whether you receive core student finance funding. The following links take you to the relevant funding body information:

Self-funded students need to apply through  the funding body of the country that they are resident in, while students funded by a Research Council need to apply through their university’s Disability Service.

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