What can’t I get?

Essentially, anything that isn’t listed in the ‘what can I get’ list falls outside the remit of the Disabled Students Allowances, but to clarify, here is a list of things that sometimes students will think they may get funding towards but can’t:

  • Personal care costs 
  • Costs of travel to and from medical appointments (including counselling/therapy sessions)
  • Food or drink, even if used to help manage a health condition
  • Medication or treatment costs (including private counselling/therapy and prescription charges)
  • Diagnostic costs, such as the cost of having an assessment of a specific learning difficulty / ADHD / Autism spectrum disorder
  • Books or internet costs (these were eligible for DSA funding many years ago, but no longer)
  • Someone to take notes in lectures for you (unless you are a student who is blind/visually impaired, or Deaf/hard of hearing)
  • Someone to help you in the library or in labs or to help you get around campus, or to provide proofreading support.
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