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Starting a degree can feel overwhelming and even more so if you have a mental health condition, specific learning difficulty or long-term health condition which affects your ability to study.

Whether its anxiety, depression, dyslexia, ADHD or diabetes, if you’re a UK student with evidence of a disability, you are likely to be eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowance – find out more with our in-depth guide.

The DSA provides a package of support which is individually tailored to your specific requirements such as specialist equipment, non-medical help such as study skills and mentoring support, and travel costs for placements and study trips.

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What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one – Disabled Students’ Allowances do not need to be paid back, are not means tested and do not affect your general student finance application or eligibility for any other funding sources. Applying for the DSA is a fairly simple, three-step process and ensures that you’re in charge of your support rather than someone else deciding what is best for you.

Once your funding body has approved your application, you’ll need to attend a needs assessment where you get to say what you need from the funding to succeed in your studies. Here at Ultima Education, we have a team of specialist assessors with a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in matching students with the most beneficial support to enhance their learning.

Our accredited centres offer remote assessments with evening and weekend appointments available that fit around your schedule. We’ll keep you updated and in control every step of the way and your assessor is always on hand for help and advice.

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If you’ve not yet applied for DSA, it’s not too late, even if you’re embarking on your final year. Getting this support in place early means one less thing to think about as you start university and will help you reach your full academic potential. You’ll discover ways to work more effectively and independently, leaving more time to focus on your strengths and to do what you do best.

To chat about your options and to get advice and assistance with your application, call or email the Ultima Education team today.

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