The needs assessment in detail

The first thing to know if that although it’s called a needs assessment, you are not going to be assessed in any way – there are no tests to complete and the difficulties that you may experience are not going to be checked or assessed. Instead you get to assess the different types of support available through the Disabled Students Allowances funding to work out what will be most effective in supporting your difficulties.

The session is guided by a needs assessor, who will help ensure that you have thought of all the possible areas that you may have difficulties, and will then go through the different support options with you. This is likely to include demonstrating some software (have a look here for some examples) and potentially looking at different types of equipment so that you can see whether the support will be useful to you.

The assessor will encourage you to say what you think will be helpful from the recommendations discussed, and what you don’t think will be useful. The recommendations made for the funding are based to a large degree on what you think will work for you – you are the expert, not the assessor!

You will also be told how you access the support once the funding has been approved, and taken through the process of ordering equipment, setting up any one-to-one support and claiming back any general costs.

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