Software Guide

Our comprehensive guide to the best assistive software available to boost your learning and help overcome any barriers you may face when studying

Tips for using the guide

On a computer (unfortunately the feature isn't available on the mobile view of the guide) you can use the filter option to find the software that best meets your needs. This will let you see software by different price options (free, paid and/or DSA-funded), different categories of support (reading, writing, spelling etc) and different platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and/or online).

Once you click the filter option below, click + Add Filter then click in the second column to choose either the CategoriesPricing or Compatibility options. In the third column you can then choose the options that you wish to view. Multiple filters can be created by using the + Add Filter option to add more lines, allowing you to see, for example, all free programs available to support spelling that work on a Mac.

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