A phone taking picture of some books

Yes you scan

Students who struggle with reading speed or comprehension are often offered text-to-speech software, such as ClaroRead to support their reading difficulties. This can work well (check out this meta-analysis for the evidence), removing the need to decode text and thereby help readers to follow and understand the material, but its usually thought of for reading material that’s already on the computer or can be easily scanned and converted to a digital document.

However, what if you’re in a library and want to quickly get a page from a book read out, or in a class when printed handouts are given out. Well, the Claro software team have you covered with an app called Claro ScanPen (Android / IOS). This lets you use your phone to take a photo of printed text, then select what you want read with your finger, and hear it spoken straight back to you!

See demo below:

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