Review – Caption.Ed

This Chrome browser extension allows you to caption online live and pre-recorded audio media automatically. Caption.Ed is powered by best in class speech to text technology and is quick and easy to use, providing you with highly accurate captions in real time.

If you have difficulty with listening and writing or typing at the same time, this application would be helpful as it takes the worry out of making notes while trying to pay attention to what is being said. In addition, it’s ideal for captioning media during a virtual lecture or a Zoom call with a tutor, as well as with captioning study materials from video channels such as YouTube.

Once installed in your browser, one click brings up a simple window with control settings where you can choose the subject matter to be captioned and adjust the text size, font and background colour to a more personally accessible format. 

When you’re ready to put it to work, you simply select start your media to begin captioning, and your captions window will appear on your screen. The text will scroll in time with the speaker’s voice but you can turn this function off if desired.  We found this intuitive to use and were impressed that it will even work with accented voices and highly specialised terminology which is essential when studying. Need to refer to the content again? You can also download a full transcript to refer to later on. 

Once you have a Caption.Ed account, you can use it across multiple devices which is handy when you’re working at different computers either on campus, on the move or at home.

Could Caption.Ed help you study better? Students eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowances can get this software as well as other tech tailored to their specific needs in their personalised funding package – find out here if you can access this support.

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