Review – TalkType Dictation

If you prefer working on a Mac, TalkType Dictation could increase productivity and help you work faster and more efficiently. This voice recognition software provides users with the freedom to type and control their computer with their voice, and with perfect spelling. Whether it’s law, health science, engineering or something else you’re studying, this Mac-based voice control software has been designed with students in mind and can tune into your specific course to instantly recognise subject-specific terminology.

If you have a motor or co-ordination impairment, this application can prove extremely helpful as you can write with your voice alone without the need for a keyboard or mouse. TalkType Dictation is also a good choice for those with ADHD and mental health conditions who may struggle with concentration and converting thoughts into writing, and for students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia who can find grammar, spelling and composition of written work challenging. Whilst speaking, TalkType is accurately able to remove any ‘uhhs’ or ‘ahhs’ and correctly inputs punctuation automatically.

Simply use your voice to create essays, presentations and coursework and transcribe quickly and accurately into your favourite application such as MS Office, iMail and Google Chrome.

This specialist software allows limitless continuous dictation unlike in-built Mac dictation which is capped to 1 minute and available online only. We also like that this application can be used offline with no internet connection necessary.

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