Review – Text Aid by ReadSpeaker

Text Aid by ReadSpeaker is a web-based text-to-speech solution which can be accessed from any online device, making it a great option for students working on different computers at school, university and at home. This program enables users to listen to an audio version of any text, anywhere with a choice to download it for later listening if required. 

We were impressed with the natural-sounding computer voice and that you can read along with the text highlighted at the same time. This is particularly useful for those who struggle with reading and information processing as the listener is then free to focus on the meaning of content rather than just the act of reading itself. Having content read aloud decodes the text, improving comprehension which in turn increases motivation and self-confidence. You can also personalise the experience by choosing how the content is displayed with fonts, spacing and colour options that suit you.

This application is ideal for absorbing long articles such as scientific texts and PDF documents while studying, leaving you to take in information while you multi-task – whether that’s commuting, cooking or even exercising!

Find out more about this program and search for similar software in our comprehensive guide. If you feel you would benefit from support like this from the Disabled Students’ Allowances, check your eligibility here.  

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