Review – Claro Writing Helper

Independent learning is a key part of studying at university but taking responsibility for your workload and managing deadlines can often feel overwhelming. Take essay writing for example. It can be a daunting task with many components which need to be pulled together and for students with processing difficulties, such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, it can feel a real struggle. 

If you experience reading and writing difficulties you may already be aware of ClaroRead which helps people with dyslexia read, write and study. Claro Writing Helper is the latest release from Claro software offering a structured approach to essay writing, organising your information and breaking it down into manageable chunks.  

Each stage of the process is captured, prompting you to populate fields with information which step by step helps you create a strong piece of writing you can be proud of.  You start with the essay question and a deadline, and end with your essay in a Word format, complete with bibliography! What we really like about this piece of software is the ability to focus on each stage separately, leaving you able to build your essay in a clear and uncluttered way. And although you are guided through the process, you are the one creating all the content which encourages planning, writing and reading skills and confidence for future projects.

The software allows you to brainstorm, set reminders, open files or websites to find important sections and then slot them straight into your essay whilst having the ability to reorganise the information by dragging and dropping chunks of text. The healthcheck function is also helpful, reviewing the whole essay and giving links directly to where you can go to fix issues.

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